Sunday, May 24, 2009

Springtime turns Summertime /Promise turns into Hope

Vital Wonders Boutique is growing, expanding it's lines and breaking new grounds in creativity. On show is Evelyn Marino's fabulous paintings and sculptures. Evvy was my mentor and aunt, who showed me there were no boundaries and only gumption to go on at times and to think for myself, with a capital "T-H-I-N-K".
Evelyn Marino's oil paintings of surreal beings fleeing through her abstract surroundings, to her third eye's view of the universe, cosmic beginnings and biblical endings are a world of their own. Evvy's far out paintings are faceted by her many sides; her affectionate wood and stone sculptures of nudes and embracing lovers, intricate pencil drawings of native and out-of-this-world beings, jewelry making, a master seamstress and avid upholsterer. Evvy was a true individual in every sense, with a searing intellect and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and books. She saw what was coming and had been prepared. Seems she was right about it all.
Vital Wonders Boutique is extremely pleased to be showing Evelyn Marino's art along with my own artist made jewelry and the other special things she and I hold dear; creative goodies, holistic luxury items, natural products with quality for skin, body and mind.
If you are ever in the Grand Junction area come visit White Hall Village at 6th and White Ave. Check out the three floors of specialty shops and come visit me at Vital Wonders Boutique#305. I'd love to show you my art and my 'vital wonders' offered.

"Global Issues and I"

If one gets going in a pinch, then I'm going, going... I was interested in feeling the depths of reality, the economic pinch for most, the fear of losing; to basically see whether my instincts ignited and entrepreneurship's light bulb flashed. Experiencing heightened feelings, to live in the moment, feeling insanely alive comes right before fight-or-flight. Is burning up in flames before the phoenix rises anything less than traumatic?
Running on faith seems the only answer. Unless you are the narcissistic type, passive aggressively handling others lives to suit their own. Unless you are filling your time in with private agendas, manipulating others to their ultimate destruction and basking in the glee that seems to come with it, the feeding of 'I am better than you' syndrome. But if you are just a confused individual trying their best to survive, then I'm with you.
When life gets tight the best and worst come out in people. I see it all gets more complicated when the fear factor gets thrown in. It is hard to fight hopelessness just as homelessness. Can someone tell me how someone recovers from homelessness? How do you come out of that? How can one even think straight when all is lost? The fear must be overwhelming. Crippling. Add the prejudice towards people down on their 'luck.' They don't just disappear. They are at your door. They could be you! Without major government programs there can be no recovery for the suffering. Where are the helping hands? People with nothing disappear out of others' focus. People suffering drop into that 'they don't count / they must be inferior' or ' sinful lies become people's lives ' / ' they must be bad to be to be in this position - I'm not! '. The disconnect is frightening, but I believe part of the human condition. But it is something we must fight. Everyone is equal in God's eye. Who are we to judge? Who's judging us? Just as we discount some, we are also discounted by others. Sure a lot of people live wrong and wasteful. The rich just hide it, they can afford to absorb their mistakes without all the pointing fingers. It all goes back to my basic belief, we are as strong as our weakest links - period. If we let some go down, then others, then most, then the ships sinks. Then everyone loses. You either go down with the burning ship or you rise up and try to survive, with everyone. There are many choices in between. The way I see it, we need to keep the boat floating with all hands on deck.