Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who Shot the American Dream?

I don't think that much of this recovery has hit anybody's pocketbook yet. I believe this down marketplace might rebound this Holiday Season somewhat for the big retailers where people can get the most for their money. It would be out of necessity to shop that way to be able to even have a Holiday for the family.

The discount stores should do well. I was in a busy Ross Store yesterday and noticed many people shopping that were in a higher financial bracket than usual. I love Ross Stores. I spend hours in the back with the housewares collections. If it is hand carved and beaded and I don't know WHAT it is; I have to buy it. Ross Stores has what Pier One has but cheap, but better than Hobby Lobby's great collection of imported stuff.

I would like to buy American goods but I can't find any.

And I like to buy imports from under deveolped countries with workmanship. I just like the choice. Prices are high and the quality of Chinese imports isn't just very low, they are poisoning us daily. There is no amount of saving cash worth bringing in leaded, melamined, drug laced goods from China. Hasn't anyone thought about their rabbit fur trims, so stylish and cheap. Looks just like my angora kittie to me. We send our chicken to China to be cut-up? To a country with contagious bird disease? How do we know what we are getting back? What is chicken nowadays? I think we send them our chickens but are getting back some sick kind of replacement flesh. There is something very wrong here.

I do not feel that the small merchant in general will be doing well this Holiday season. People will spend to hide from the fact that everyone isn't only worried about their futures but many are losing hope for any kind of future to be proud of. Driven to swallowing our pride and shopping discount and generic. Not much room for the small independent merchant and artist/crafters. Meanwhile after receiving all that bailout monies the banks/credit card companies took our credit from us, after hooking us with their constant begging us to borrow, now basically calling in loans and constantly changing their agreements. Don't you love 'we are changing our policy...' That is why shopping is down, the credit card companies want their money now, before any real crackdowns are initiated to curb them. Beefing up their personal accounts - I want to be king of the world! What is the rush all of a sudden? Am I the only one feeling the heavy breath of the credit card shylocks?
Example: I had to cancel a wholesale order because citibank lowered my credit to my balance. (That reverberates to your credit rating, because now you owe all your balance and that don't sit well with credit ratings.) I had to write the wholesale company explaining my inability to place the order. They kindly wrote back stating they understand; amex just did it to them. Do you see the snowballing implications?

Plus forcing people to repay loans quickly and hitting everyone with their fines at the bottom of the economic swing forces people to sell themselves short of everything it took a lifetime to accumulate; sell during a down market, lose their special holdings: metals and coins, jewelry, collector cars, personal belongings, memories. What a fantastic plan to destroy hope and recovery for all but the corporate leeches. Attack of the Giant Leeches - a great B movie but a bad economic prediction. Hath they no shame?
Pychologically it is an underdeveloped immature willful child that sees only themselves, wants it all, making the rules to benefit themselves while developing a punishment conglomerate to strictly punish and financially burden unfortunates with heavy fines - necessitating the whole lawyer scam.

They say people are taking advantage of the corporations with their frivolous lawsuits. Sick lazy bad people who were stupid enough to let themselves become victims? Aren't those the victims responsible for spoiling the whole country? But who is placing the lawsuit ads for the generalized call to anonymous victims? Who is causing the 'frivolous lawsuits' to happen? Who plagues us with tv ads to sue? Well, who makes all the money from lawsuits? Not the average joes. Bottom feeding greedy assed ambulance chasing lawyers! That is who! Why are victims demonized? Who turned that around? You must beware of a society that demonizes the weak; eats and spits out the young and elderly; separating and preying upon the poor, the homeless, the uneducated as something less than human - all the meantime praising the Lord in very showy ways; for the love of money, luck of birth, hording, judging elitists - just like Jesus taught. (must be a different Jesus than I learned about)

Who shot the American Dream? Where's the buying power to keep the ball rolling with lowered credit limits, no work, salaries dropping, health costs wiping you out whether you pay for insurance or pay out-of-pocket for every problem.

Finally, we need imports as much as we need foreign workers.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sponge in a soap bar anyone?

Christmas; to be or not to be. That is the question. It is anyone's guess. I think most everyone has cut back on their shopping for over a year now and maybe we are all used to spending less now. And appreciating what we have more now. Will the dam break this Holiday? Will people be sick of holding back, tired of making excuses to everyone for being tight, making this Holiday an exception or are people doing better financially than before? In one month we will see. I got a small flurry of orders lately only to find out my merchants services had shut down my payment gateway with no word to me. Protecting me from Nigerian card runners. For over a month. I fired Power Pay for their lack of any reasoning and business ethics what-so-ever. You would think that Authorize.Net would care about the companies representing them. Authorize.Net shut my gateway down for 20 minutes. They didn't forget to turn me back on! They sent me e-mails. Power Pay and Christopher Swift -by NO MEANS swift - the disappearing agent, are even crappy at being crooks. Enough said. I am now without merchant services the month before the Holidays. They are all crooks in the credit card processing merchant services and agents field. This was my 4th company? One crook after another. First American Hurst took total advantage of me for years from day one gauging the price of my out-dated machinery, billed every other month SOMETIMES; keeping it very hard to keep track of, never had me down as the right kind of merchant business and kept billing me after I TRIED to fire him over and over again. He took money for 6 months after I tried to cut business with him. If he had no answer for his mistakes he just hung up. Then the con artist Jennifer Mendoza representing Trans First in Denver. She was such a rip off they let me go with out too much hassle. She reprogrammed my credit card machine and it never worked correctly after that. They billed me at higher rates because of the machine foul up. She never hooked me up with the correct gateway for the machines and never produced promised online gateway and put my expensive machine down for good. She pulled a big amount of money out of my business account months later but the banker at WaMu had to put it back because he set me up with her and she just plum disappeared. But today I do not want to dwell on the unregulated merchant service resellers. May the government crack down on that industry soon.

I am very excited to be planning some great new fashion ideas. They are so hot I can't talk about them until they are actually released. But I am predicting garnishing will be in. Why buy a new outfit when you can add decorative accoutrements making any old outfit hip and new. Much more coming soon!

Have a wonderful shopping season but remember, it is the thought and gesture that counts - more than ever. Spend wisely.

Do check out for magnetic jewelry and great assorted gifts for the Holidays - luxury bathing soaps, sea sponges, unique soap/sponge combo bar, loofahs, body brushes and tons more; hip Over-the-Knee socks, knee highs and crews; cool unique jewelry, dichroic glass gifts and more.

For Colorado MMJ Registry card holders: come join Western Colorado's MMJ Community. Visit new website for all the info you need for signing up and finding Care Givers and Dispensaries on the Western Slope.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vital Wonders Online Boutique Up for the Holidays Offering

Molten Ice Dichroic & Blast Glass Jewelry

Gift Ideas Offered through new Vital Wonders Online Boutique.

Have People that are hard to buy gifts for? Someone who has most everything?
Someone you already bought everything you can think of for?
Someone who is stressful to buy for?
Check out new Vital Wonders Online Boutique.

Vital Wonders has branched out for the Holiday season with great gift offerings including fabulous Dichroic Glass Gifts from At under the category GIFTS there is a great new shopping area. Vital Wonders is offering a fabulous line of luxury bathing products, hip sexy over-the-knee socks, dichroic glass belt buckles, dichroic bottle stoppers, flamework beaded key chains and zipper pulls and imaginative dichroic fused glass jewelry - perfect for gifts.


Florida's deluxe sea sponges; 90% of the world's sea sponges come from off the Florida keys in the Gulf of Mexico. The sheep's wool and yellow sea sponges harvested here are the most sought after sponges in the world. We have the premium Rock Island sheep's wool sponges, the best sheep's wool sponges anywhere, soft, silky durable-can last over 10 years; high quality yellow sea sponges, for a more vigorous exfoliation, can last over 5 years; small soft silk sponges for cosmetic uses; and cut-ups of sheep's wool and yellow sponges for personal use and great for hobbies and painting projects.
Soapylicious - Vital Wonders own line of natural soaps, the highest quality ingredients with incredibly seductive scents; Alchemy Soap line from Simply Soap, soap bars using ancient formulas for soaps with incredible qualities; and the must-have unique Sponge-in-a- Soap, natural goat's milk soap bar with a sea sponge inside in fabulously refreshing scents. Total Luxury. Also highlighting Men's high quality German Boar Bristle Shaving Brushes, Nail brushes, facial brushes, wooden soap dishes and loofahs.

Rockn'Socks, a hip green company using regenerated cloth, has a great line of crew, knee and the over-the-knee socks in stripes and patterns. We are offering these great socks at Vital Wonders Online Boutique.

Dichroic glass gifts are also for sale from Molten Ice Dichroic and Blast Glass Jewelry; featuring dichroic glass wine bottle stoppers, keychains, zipper pulls, belt buckles and jewelry. Great gift for someone who has everything.

Vital Wonders Online Boutique is also offering handmade HIP purses, sweet purse bags which hang on the hips leaving your hands free.

Italian Sterling Silver chains, wire chokers, leather cords, silk ties, ribbons and more are here for your selection for whatever needs you have.

Lastly Vital Wonders has a Online Bazaar featuring great buys on imported beaded bracelets, necklaces, medicine bags and more for sale at low low prices - great for stocking gifts. Many gifts under $10.00.

Please come check out Vital Wonders NEW Online Boutique for all your shopping and Holiday needs.

New information site for Western Colorado Patients: MMJ card holders - check out new MMJ info site for all questions - - discover and join the MMJ Community Forum.

Please have safe and wonderful Holidays.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jewelry Design Dos and SEO Don'ts

The crop is off and time to close everything down for the winter; the long last watering to fill the soil profile, draining all tanks and irrigation lines, getting all the netting off and stored away. Then it is time for the farm to rest.

What a great time for thinking of new ideas, rethinking old ideas and developing breakthrough methods. I plan on studying the fashion crazes and vow to keep up! I plan on getting my sterling/fine silver pieces online and showing off my great hoop earrings and chandelier earrings. I have some great surprises coming in rings and barrettes and things. I am working on jeweled bibs that will be both stunning showstoppers, one-of-a-kind must haves.

My web sites are moving up in the search engines and I am hoping for a good holiday season. The SEO work has been challenging especially walking the tightrope of optimizing without ever crossing the line of no return. It is frightening!

Vital Wonders Magnetic Jewelry has a great new navigational design that is consumer friendly. I added a new top section grid of pictured categories on my Storefront/Home page and a new page Product List of pictured listed products. My dichroic glass jewelry site has many new pieces I have been making during August and September 2009. I have been experimenting with melting in the wire bails in the dichroic glass pieces and will be trying fine silver wire and sterling silver bezels. I have a Cats & Kittens Line coming in 22K gold decals melted into my glass pieces which will be celebrating the summer '09 of finding our 4 feral kittens my son and I raised.

The summer of 2009 was different; I started my boutique and enjoyed developing it until the leading organization folded and took our whole mall down; finding and raising the very young kittens; starting up chickens again and even trying cornish hens; learning html and building my sites; harvesting late season wine grapes and eating my son John's homemade pizzas.

What a great summer in all!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Harvest is done! Best Cabernet Sauvignon ever.

Well, harvest went with the usual quirks, glitches and I can't believe its! This was the longest I ever let the grapes hang, but the buyer wanted them sweet [to sweeten up his other sour grapes everyone else reaps] and they went through a frost and -wow- what a treat. I think there are gold metal prizes in the future for Woody Creek Cellars; remember - 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon. It should be special.
The cabs were gorgeous. Slightly wained bringing out the sweetness and complexities. After cold nights and hot days; after an early frost. They were very special this year. I had almost no Merlot this year and very little Cabernet Franc. There was no Chardonnay, Gamay and the Zin went too far and were pretty shot. Letting the grapes hang past 24 brix is harder than it sounds. It is up to the buyer what their needs are, but hanging past their apex is great for sugar but plays havoc with the ph and acid levels. But DiJulio vineyard never has had sugar problems, so I can see the need to sweeten the sour grapes coming in behind us. No offense other local growers, but I am seeing many incredible breaches of growing; watering late, spraying late, struggling with low sugars, pushing young vines with nitrogen, pushing for early crops instead of root growth. My vines have the maturity of over 35 years and I have been tending them for over 25 years now. I think experience speaks and so do the varieties I luckily have.
Well we will see what Woody Creek Cellars develops from my grapes; it is too bad they can no longer make wine from just my grapes, but I can understand upping the quality of the local harvests and the need to blend mine in with the others. My harvests have been too small lately, dealing with frost damage and die backs. Next year should be great if nature allows. My Merlot will be in and I will be dong a new pruning technique since my beautiful vines died to the ground a few years ago from a hard frost. But new growth is always positive and it gives a chance to reflect and try new ideas. Here's to resting this Winter and starting fresh in the Spring with new ideas to sow. Happy hibernation everyone.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wine Grape Harvest | Woody Creek Cellars | Stylehive | Page ONE in Google

Harvest is almost here for my vineyard, DiJulio Vineyard in Palisade, CO. I am glad Woody Creek Cellars is buying my grapes this year as I feel Kevin Doyle is making some of the finest wines in Colorado, if not the country. His winery is in picturesque Cedaredge, CO. in an old packing huge shed; big enough for all the wine barrels, equipment, stock, tasting room and best of all, a great bocce ball court - inside! I had Kevin's cabernet sauvignon and merlot last Christmas and the wine was fabulous; clearly fruity, rich yet refreshing with a good dry self-pleasing end adding to the innate ability to let you easily finish the whole bottle. My wine-loving daughter and I were very impressed with how Kevin's wine-making abilities keep developing and producing great results. Call (970) 835-3714.

I joined Stylehive! Stylehive is a sweetly self-loving site for connecting fashion aficionados. Anyone can join and start a 'hive' and start collecting looks, designers, companies and other hivers. It is a great way to keep current with the fashion trends and the absolute beauty of haute couture clothes, photography, modeling, shoes, accessories, clothes, night wear and underwear, purses, and shoes again,and more purses and more shoes... and tons of fun stuff about discovering interesting vibrant people and businesses. My hope is to collect classic, retro, and fashion-forward looks to cross reference to my jewelry lines and how my individual pieces fit in. As I learn what's hot I will be continually redesigning and developing my jewelry designs. I am thrilled about all the excitement at Stylehive and invite all fashion lovers to join into the fray.

Winter is coming and I am looking forward to spending the R & D time developing new out-of-the-box ideas in designing and learning more and more html so I can keep jazzing up my sites for therapeutic magnetic jewelry and for my dichroic and sterling silver jewelry lines.

I am running a contest with my myself to get it right in the SEO department for my sites. I am shooting for page one in Google by the end of the year, on the organic left side of listings - for both sites; but will celebrate either one's success - big time. I believe it will be Beef Wellington for two, for myself if I am alone, when that day comes.

I am starting a review section in my blog reviewing Grand Junction area businesses.
Keep tuned. It won't be pretty.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

R & D

It is R & D time. I now have the time to develop my new ideas and try some experimenting - with web building as much as jewelry designing.

I am constantly tweaking my two websites and trying to make them more concise, visually attractive, more interesting and mostly likable to the search engine robots.

I have been firing up the kiln making new dichroic pieces, working on long oval pendants with added dichroic accents mimicking gems adding patterns, intensity and depth. Whether they are teardrop shaped, a long oval, figure eights, elongated rectangle or freeform shape; I love the look of vertical lines projecting upward and downward - from Mother Earth to the Heavens. Representing, to me, the aspiration of our dreams grounded in the flesh of the Earth. Each pendant has its hills and dales, hidden gems, surprising colors and complexity of patterns. I also like how they rest on the breastbone over the heart area.

I am also making small dichroic pieces for smaller earrings, posts and hanging; and for multiple dichroic drops on a choker for a charmed look. I have some fabulous ideas I am working on for some embellished cloth and woven necklaces. I am looking forward to the Fall for gathering ideas and snookering them away to work on during the long winter.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family, love, home grown food, hopes, wishes and some decent perspective.

Hello everyone! My new web site - is open and ready for viewing. I am so joyful to be spending August at home reorganizing life.

I can't wait to see what doors I can open.

I am making jewelry even as I speak. Trying to come up with less expensive pieces, being what sells in bad economies, but I find it very hard to either simplify or mass produce. I am also taking the time to develop new ideas in fusing and in implanting bail wires inside the glass in new and creative ways.

Keep checking in on my new site, open and nearly finished, as finished as possible when it is an ever morphing medium - I have been racking my brains learning new web ideas to implement into my site. WWW.ILUVJEWELRY.COM will be developing non-stop. After all, don't great innovative ideas come out of the worst economic strife. I just must learn to relax and let it flow. That's way better than being frozen in dead panic. What comes out of that?

Livin' on faith and guts can hold incredible beauty. With this perspective, I am embarrassed by my own ennui when times were good. Money and good fortune are full of empty pride, like sugar having empty calories; can it be bad to feed your broke-ass soul with family, love, home grown food, hopes & wishes and some decent perspective?

How I hope I remember these sweet lessons when times get better.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Vital Wonders Boutique Has Moved

Vital Wonders Boutique has moved, where to; is still up in the air. The building that Vital Wonders was in, closed; all the shops had to move on. A very sad ordeal, having invested so much in the store's development, having sacrificed maybe too much, but when one door closes, another opens.

I am looking for a new location, but unfortunately will be closed until then. My new web site is up and will be fully working by next week. Then I will be dedicating myself to making fantastic new jewelry designs and styles. It is all about looking forward, fashion forward, having faith in the future and open to new adventures. We will see what develops. Beauty oft times comes out of chaos.

I was trying to put down roots in the middle of a brewing storm, and am not terribly surprised the boat capsized. I'll float on top of the heaving swelling ocean until I sight land. Ahoy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

People Aren't Surprising - Is that surprising?

People seem to end up being everything you were hoping they weren't. I get tired of being disappointed by people.

Monday, July 27, 2009

OH, HAPPY DAYS!!! Today anyway!

I am so excited to announce the news that finally my website has been split into two separate online stores, for fashion forward therapeutic magnetic jewelry and for my artisan lines of glass fusing, bead designing and metal working.
This long awaited feat is ongoing but unveiled today. It will be tweaked and tweaked with new information and new products and new product lines. I also will be incorporating many of my great products from my store Vital Wonders Boutique to share with everyone.
Keep checking in with both my shops to see the cool changes [as I learn more and more html] and the innovations brewing into buds. Looking forward, Kim DiJulio

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vital Wonders in morning Grand Juntion T.V. news

Vital Wonders Boutique makes News 11

Check out the news program, now online 'Reviving Historic White Hall Village by Channel 11 News.'

It is a great comprehensive piece on the White Hall Building and its fabulous rental spaces and retail stores. Vital Wonders got a nice spot with an interview with me, Kim DiJulio, and shots of my store Vital Wonders Boutique, and some raves about my jewelry. Much Appreciated!

Moe Ping's Cool Things, Confluence Books, Peace in Love, The Wandering Gypsy and Heart of the Dragon were also featured.

Any out-of-towners: it is Grand Junction T.V. - so watch accordingly!

Discover Changes due date QUIETLY after 20 years? Surprize!

There is obviously no shame in the banking/credit card system.

What's new is - there is no floor. There is no shame. It is out and out robbery. First the banks set you up in their bill pay systems, all neat and easy. "Yeah, pay them [my bills] every month like clockwork, please." WHAT? Discover changed their due date a few months ago? After decades? Oh, look at the late fees and new interest charges. Had no idea. Stopped looking at the statements because they took away my credit, so who cares?

Really, who cares to pay on a credit card if there is no credit.

That wasn't my agreement when I signed on. I agreed to pay back said amounts, their rates, their schedule, their dates, and did it! How can they change the rules continually until they finally snag you, breaking you. How does anyone win that way? I have two discover cards, months ago I paid one off. I could have lived on that money a year, and not be hungry as hell now. But I paid them off and they repaid me by lowering my credit limit to $500.00! $500.00. From over 13,000.00 to 500.00. Because I paid it off? Why oh, why would I pay a dime more on the other huge amount I owe them on my other card if that is my reward for trying to repay? Two cards with no credit? Just money coming in - for them; no money for me, only unreasonable amounts going out. That is not what I signed up for. It wasn't the agreement we had. HOW CAN THEY CHANGE THE LENDING RULES AFTER THE MONEY IS LENT? This isn't the Mofia is it? Is it? [did they take over?] "Yeah, I lent you 10 grand, now I want 10% interest compounded daily, maybe a few times a day; now I want 20%, 29.9%, 34%,... whatever I want! Hey I want $100.00 a month in payment; Oh, you are paying? - now I want $250.00 a month, $300.00, $450.00, 650.00 a month, hey why not? I guess I can, NO ONE IS STOPPING ME!" "Yeah, hey [CitiBank weighing in], now I want the money 5 days earlier, now I want it 4 days earlier than that, hey I want it different times every month - to keep you on your toes! I don't want you getting used to paying, I am gonna zing you every month so you have to read our demanding, life threatening statements every month without fail!! We rule! We rule! WE RULE THE WORLD! And do not forget, WE LOVE OUR LIFELONG SLAVES!"

Discover Card told me today they jerked around my due date because - Congress made them do it. Congress put unfair demands on them so they were forced to pass it on to us.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thursday Nights in Grand Junction, CO.

Grand Junction, CO. does make a splash on Thursday nights for the Downtown Farmers' Market from 6/11 - 9/17. The Farmer's Almanac says for 2009, there will be rain every Thursday! Even in our desert! So far, so good. But the people are catching on, showing up anyway - with umbrellas. Didn't know anyone had any here! [a good thing to sell] Last week was the first week it rained but didn't BLOW! There were three or four of us holding down our canopy two weeks ago. Horrid. But it was good on the 2nd of July even with rain.
Vital Wonders Boutique is represented, with the other great individualistic shops in Historic White Hall Village, at the Farmers' Market in Grand Junction. We share a great booth, trying to spread the word about White Hall Village and all it has to offer. Come see us in front of The Avalon Theater - Main Street, next to Enstrom's Ice Cream booth. Lots of music playing next to us and various performers throughout the evening.
What is Grand Junction's Farmers' Market? Well it is what Grand Junction, Palisade and its outlying region's produce; fruit, veggies, produce of all kinds, plants, dried fruits and foods; the arts and crafts, jewelry, candles, woodworkers, iron works, pottery ...; imports; water systems and spas; religious persuasions and great food offerings this year including the Mennonite's food booth - great as always. Lots of entertainment like belly dancers, musicians, bands, jugglers, face painters and more!
People come from all over the Western Slope for the great produce and crafts and to walk with their kids and to show off their dogs and other pets. It is a great evening in Grand Junction from 4:30 to 8:30 every Thursday. Please come and have some fun and don't forget to visit Historic White Hall Village two blocks north of Main Street at White Ave. and 6th Street. We are serving free lemon-aid from 5:00 - 6:00pm and from 6:00 - 8:00pm is the new home for the Ceremonial Drum Circle, on the steps at 6th and White Ave at White Hall Village.
Whenever in the area please drop by Vital Wonders Boutique and chat with me at #305; that is on the 3rd floor, next to Confluence Books, Moe Ping's Cool Things, Peace in Love with Ariadne's Threads, all above Heart of the Dragon on the 2nd floor and The Wandering Gypsy on floor #1. It is a great way to spend an afternoon and evening!

Friday, June 5, 2009

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Has Arrived to Vital Wonders Boutique

Vital Wonders Boutique is constantly morphing, adding new products I strongly believe in. I discovered MyChelle products a few years ago when living in Denver and salivating all over Whole Foods. I tried a few of Whole Foods offerings in all-natural make-up and face creams and found MyChelle's to be the best in my opinion. Their creams instantly absorb into my skin when applying. They never sit on top of my skin like so many others I have suffered through. I have have wonderful results from their fresh and natural products. I am totally thrilled to be offering this line to the Western Slope. I have great convenient trial sizes for experimentation, including creams, serums, toners, masks, peels, sets and more! At this point I am not carrying any make-up but hope to soon.

Vital Wonders Boutique, located at 600 White Ave, in Grand Junction, CO., in Historic White Hall Village, a landmark old church renovated, offering shopping and rental spaces. White Hall Village is a fun way to shop and visit; spending a great afternoon in a relaxed way. White Hall offers shops in the three story church's annex, along with programs, music, tarot readings, and many other interesting events and finds.

If you are visiting Grand Junction, visiting our great sights like The Monument, the Grand Mesa, Palisade's vineyards and wineries; don't miss The Black Canyon of the Gunnison outside of Montrose, CO. Stop by Grand Junction, CO on your way to Vegas, or Moab, Utah, or just exploring America, esp. before the gas prices hike up - yeah, good idea - visit now before the gas prices go up, up and up! It is a deal right now. Grand Junction is a great destination. It is the affordable place to stay in order to see Aspen, Vale, Terruide, Glenwood Springs and all our great wonders.

Come in and say "Hi!" at Vital Wonders Boutique #305, 600 White Ave - @ White Hall Village - . in Grand Junction, CO. See you there!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Springtime turns Summertime /Promise turns into Hope

Vital Wonders Boutique is growing, expanding it's lines and breaking new grounds in creativity. On show is Evelyn Marino's fabulous paintings and sculptures. Evvy was my mentor and aunt, who showed me there were no boundaries and only gumption to go on at times and to think for myself, with a capital "T-H-I-N-K".
Evelyn Marino's oil paintings of surreal beings fleeing through her abstract surroundings, to her third eye's view of the universe, cosmic beginnings and biblical endings are a world of their own. Evvy's far out paintings are faceted by her many sides; her affectionate wood and stone sculptures of nudes and embracing lovers, intricate pencil drawings of native and out-of-this-world beings, jewelry making, a master seamstress and avid upholsterer. Evvy was a true individual in every sense, with a searing intellect and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and books. She saw what was coming and had been prepared. Seems she was right about it all.
Vital Wonders Boutique is extremely pleased to be showing Evelyn Marino's art along with my own artist made jewelry and the other special things she and I hold dear; creative goodies, holistic luxury items, natural products with quality for skin, body and mind.
If you are ever in the Grand Junction area come visit White Hall Village at 6th and White Ave. Check out the three floors of specialty shops and come visit me at Vital Wonders Boutique#305. I'd love to show you my art and my 'vital wonders' offered.

"Global Issues and I"

If one gets going in a pinch, then I'm going, going... I was interested in feeling the depths of reality, the economic pinch for most, the fear of losing; to basically see whether my instincts ignited and entrepreneurship's light bulb flashed. Experiencing heightened feelings, to live in the moment, feeling insanely alive comes right before fight-or-flight. Is burning up in flames before the phoenix rises anything less than traumatic?
Running on faith seems the only answer. Unless you are the narcissistic type, passive aggressively handling others lives to suit their own. Unless you are filling your time in with private agendas, manipulating others to their ultimate destruction and basking in the glee that seems to come with it, the feeding of 'I am better than you' syndrome. But if you are just a confused individual trying their best to survive, then I'm with you.
When life gets tight the best and worst come out in people. I see it all gets more complicated when the fear factor gets thrown in. It is hard to fight hopelessness just as homelessness. Can someone tell me how someone recovers from homelessness? How do you come out of that? How can one even think straight when all is lost? The fear must be overwhelming. Crippling. Add the prejudice towards people down on their 'luck.' They don't just disappear. They are at your door. They could be you! Without major government programs there can be no recovery for the suffering. Where are the helping hands? People with nothing disappear out of others' focus. People suffering drop into that 'they don't count / they must be inferior' or ' sinful lies become people's lives ' / ' they must be bad to be to be in this position - I'm not! '. The disconnect is frightening, but I believe part of the human condition. But it is something we must fight. Everyone is equal in God's eye. Who are we to judge? Who's judging us? Just as we discount some, we are also discounted by others. Sure a lot of people live wrong and wasteful. The rich just hide it, they can afford to absorb their mistakes without all the pointing fingers. It all goes back to my basic belief, we are as strong as our weakest links - period. If we let some go down, then others, then most, then the ships sinks. Then everyone loses. You either go down with the burning ship or you rise up and try to survive, with everyone. There are many choices in between. The way I see it, we need to keep the boat floating with all hands on deck.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Vital Wonders Boutique is Open!

Vital Wonders has opened a boutique in Grand Junction, CO @ 6th and White. Situated in White Hall Village, I am glad to join White Hall's great community.

I am offering my jewelry lines, Vital Wonders Healthware, Molten Ice Dichroic Jewelry, Blast Glass Jewelry and Silver Shrine Gold Mine, along with some of my favorite things; deluxe bathing goodies, hip accessories and other lines not usually offered here in Grand Junction.

I am extremely excited to be opening Vital Wonders Boutique and hope to offer Grand Junction some alternative quality products, stressing green companies.

Please Come Visit! I'll be looking forward to seeing you, Kim DiJulio

Monday, March 2, 2009

Retail's Downturn is Plus for R & D

'Fire & Ice Boutique' has changed to Vital Wonders Boutique and is offering new departments weekly and classes soon!

Along with my infamous artist designed dichroic glass jewelry, fused art glass creations and designer magnetic jewelry; we offer deluxe sea sponges and a line of goat's milk soap with sponges inside for the bath; Simply Soap's Alchemy Soap Line and their other great natural soap bars & also cut by the inch per order; Rockn' Socks hip footwear; Psychopathic Record's Official memorabilia and the fabulous MyChelle Dermaceuticals creams, serums and facial sprays.

Our alternative mall, White Hall Village in Grand Junction, CO, is a fun interactive mini mall making it easy spending an hour or two without realizing it. Since the dollar needs to be stretched as far as possible, classes seem a great alternative for entertainment and power for the buck - you gain a new skill and can be productive with it and had a good time for a few hours. No hangover or surprise the next morning! White Hall Village offers specialty shops, tarot readings, and alternative book store with tons of free info and meetings, a holistic pet center, non-profit community projects and more.

And the economy?
We can all agree that retail's hurtin'. But the enlightened know that down time is best spent reflecting, examining with renewed perspective, developing new ideas and pondering improvements, developing new insight. Maybe I am a romantic caught in the phoenix syndrome. I believe in Hope, Rebirth and Correction. I always liked Hegel. His philosophy of thesis, antithesis thus synthesis is everything in a nut shell. Every synthesis is the new thesis, thus it continues unendingly. The wheel keeps turning.

Bad times call out for renovation and redesign. Maybe even thinking outside the box. Obviously thinking inside the box hasn't been working. Conflict is constant if there is growth and questioning is what keeps you current, at your best, progressive; developing and completing concepts while dually stimulating constant improvements and advancements.

I am still very busy opening and developing my new store 'Fire & Ice Boutique', now Vital Wonders Boutique, being totally exhausted with that endeavor. But it is obvious that this is a very limited spending time, universally. So what does one do during down times? Grow. Grow, learn and innovate. As things tighten you find yourself making new decisions; 'dog food treats or steak for me?', 'maybe the store brand isn't so bad?', 'forget nuts', 'forget avocados... artichokes', 'gee - why is organic so much more...' 'This isn't good for you anyway', 'I can live without this', 'I don''t need that!', 'Are they kidding???', 'I need to lose weight anyway.' I'm gonna garden!

So it is a great time to learn and keep oneself busy. I find it interesting to see renewed worth on things. If I am to spend money it better keep me entertained for awhile, please me, teach me something or I don't need it. Everything starts getting measured against one another and we will spend our money more wisely. Now looking for quality. Unfortunately the bs will be filtered out, what is relevant will live on for another day. This is the time for every individual to become relevant in-what you may have to offer. Enterprising innovators will reign true. The corporations fall and the gentrified conglomerations withdraw. Then mom and pop enterprises can develop and open again with a new lease on growth. This is not a systemic cancer that ails America but a tumor needing to be cut out leaving the whole to regain its strength and start flourishing again.

Who's not ready for this new challenge of faith and spirit. We have to use our brains again and appreciate what we have and can no longer be forced to drown in an unnatural existence against our collective nature. Haven't you always wanted to start all over again? This is a gift to us, not to be repressed by but to break through and start anew. Embrace it and this time - let's have fun and enjoy the journey!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fire & Ice Boutique is Growing

Fire & Ice Boutique is a great new store at a great location. I am proud to offer my jewelry lines to Grand Junction, CO. Vital Wonders and Molten Ice/Blast Glass Jewelry is a great addition to White Hall Village, a wonderful alternative mall for wandering and discovering interesting, not to be found anywhere else - stores in Grand Junction, Colorado. Come on over to 600 White Ave.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Grand Opening! New Store to Open!

Wonderful news from Vital Wonders, Molten Ice and Blast Glass Jewelry!


Monday February 1st, 2009 -
The official opening date for Fire & Ice Boutique
in Grand Junction, Colorado at White Hall.

Kim DiJulio has opened a store in the historic White Hall Building, an old converted church with loads of character with various spaces for eclectic stores, an alternative book store and library, non-profit foundations offering many types of classes and community help, sound-proofed rehearsal rooms; a lovely performance stage, with a restaurant coming soon. It's a small alternative concept mall to roam around, socialize and network.

The Grand Opening of my new store Fire and Ice Boutique will be on February 1st with a Grand Opening Party soon afterwards. Fire & Ice Boutique will be selling Kim's designer jewelry, Vital Wonders Magnetic Jewelry, Kim's Molten Ice Dichroic and Blast Glass Jewelry and Silver Shrine Gold Mine sterling jewelry; along with consignment pieces from other artists, deluxe sea sponges, hand-made soaps and many other fine green-orientated merchandise.

With the horrid economy upon us, it seems nuts to start up a store. But this is a Community Hall with civic minded politically active people with lots of community events and business and social networking constantly going on.

We are glad to join this active community at White Hall and invite everyone to come!
I'll keep everyone posted as to what is happening at Fire & Ice Boutique and White Hall!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Iggy and the Stooges - 1970's observations


Doing research, I came across and found some great retro pictures by Michael Ochs of Iggy and the Stooges, revelent because of the passing of Ron Asheton, band member.

I knew Iggy was genius in '73/'74 Ann Arbor. Seger didn't get it. Non of the Ann Arbor hierarchy did. It was a great moment - the Primo Showbar All Star Show with all the A2/Detroit music kings. I'll never forget seeing Iggy for the first time; I looked over at him, not knowing anything about them, and thought 'who the hell does he think he is?' Then I concentrated my gaze and checked out the silver cowboy boots, beat jeans, the face, the hair... It wasn't easy standing out in Ann Arbor in the early 1970's, believe me - everyone was trying - hard. After studying him further I realized - "what ever he is trying to be - he IS IT!" He was unique. He wailed at one show and all the biggies also preforming shrunk away. Shaking their heads. I was totally intrigued. He was a stage presence and the level of excitement and life force was total and electrifying. Seger was a cutie, pretty boy face with that deep rusty voice and the fame - he just didn't have the amazement of Iggy. No one did. Retro pictures from back then jogs my memories better [when it comes to Iggy whose looks have changed somewhat]. :) What a crush I had on Iggy's drummer! He had a big platinum streak in his pompadour. Hot.

I have pleasant thoughts of Ron though I don't remember much due to my [past] '70's lifestyle. My blessings to your family. Rest in Peace Ron. Thanks for adding to rock and roll history.

Kim - the errant Primo girl.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Vital Wonders Presents Blast Glass Jewelry

Blast Glass is Exploding into 'Crazy-Eyes',

'Delicate Danglers', 'Gold on Black'

and 'Blast Glass Red/White/Blue.'

Blast Glass is exploding! Subdivisions are quickly developing. Vital Wonders presents Blast Glass Jewelry a sister company to Molten Ice Dichroic Jewelry. Blast Glass Jewelry is offering fantastic fused glass earrings and fused glass necklaces full of color, individuality and attention.

Another striking Blast Glass addition is 'Crazy-Eyes', wildly energetic earrings. 'Delicate Danglers' offers romantic sweet delicately dangling earrings. All are formed from the highest quality glass fused in a kiln, after careful planning, many with the wire bails melted right into the bead. I hand form most of the ear wires to incorporate little embellishes like accent beads within wire designs. If I luck into some special sterling silver Bali, Indian, Thai, among others, ear wires or components I may add their handicraft to my piece.

Two other divisions are 'Gold on Black', a stunning look of black glass with 22K gold decals like sea horses, grape vines, flowers, animals and more;

and 'Blast Glass Red /White /Blue' offering jewelry and gifts in red, white and blue fused glass, celebrating America's future.

Come visit