Friday, July 31, 2009

Vital Wonders Boutique Has Moved

Vital Wonders Boutique has moved, where to; is still up in the air. The building that Vital Wonders was in, closed; all the shops had to move on. A very sad ordeal, having invested so much in the store's development, having sacrificed maybe too much, but when one door closes, another opens.

I am looking for a new location, but unfortunately will be closed until then. My new web site is up and will be fully working by next week. Then I will be dedicating myself to making fantastic new jewelry designs and styles. It is all about looking forward, fashion forward, having faith in the future and open to new adventures. We will see what develops. Beauty oft times comes out of chaos.

I was trying to put down roots in the middle of a brewing storm, and am not terribly surprised the boat capsized. I'll float on top of the heaving swelling ocean until I sight land. Ahoy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

People Aren't Surprising - Is that surprising?

People seem to end up being everything you were hoping they weren't. I get tired of being disappointed by people.

Monday, July 27, 2009

OH, HAPPY DAYS!!! Today anyway!

I am so excited to announce the news that finally my website has been split into two separate online stores, for fashion forward therapeutic magnetic jewelry and for my artisan lines of glass fusing, bead designing and metal working.
This long awaited feat is ongoing but unveiled today. It will be tweaked and tweaked with new information and new products and new product lines. I also will be incorporating many of my great products from my store Vital Wonders Boutique to share with everyone.
Keep checking in with both my shops to see the cool changes [as I learn more and more html] and the innovations brewing into buds. Looking forward, Kim DiJulio

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vital Wonders in morning Grand Juntion T.V. news

Vital Wonders Boutique makes News 11

Check out the news program, now online 'Reviving Historic White Hall Village by Channel 11 News.'

It is a great comprehensive piece on the White Hall Building and its fabulous rental spaces and retail stores. Vital Wonders got a nice spot with an interview with me, Kim DiJulio, and shots of my store Vital Wonders Boutique, and some raves about my jewelry. Much Appreciated!

Moe Ping's Cool Things, Confluence Books, Peace in Love, The Wandering Gypsy and Heart of the Dragon were also featured.

Any out-of-towners: it is Grand Junction T.V. - so watch accordingly!

Discover Changes due date QUIETLY after 20 years? Surprize!

There is obviously no shame in the banking/credit card system.

What's new is - there is no floor. There is no shame. It is out and out robbery. First the banks set you up in their bill pay systems, all neat and easy. "Yeah, pay them [my bills] every month like clockwork, please." WHAT? Discover changed their due date a few months ago? After decades? Oh, look at the late fees and new interest charges. Had no idea. Stopped looking at the statements because they took away my credit, so who cares?

Really, who cares to pay on a credit card if there is no credit.

That wasn't my agreement when I signed on. I agreed to pay back said amounts, their rates, their schedule, their dates, and did it! How can they change the rules continually until they finally snag you, breaking you. How does anyone win that way? I have two discover cards, months ago I paid one off. I could have lived on that money a year, and not be hungry as hell now. But I paid them off and they repaid me by lowering my credit limit to $500.00! $500.00. From over 13,000.00 to 500.00. Because I paid it off? Why oh, why would I pay a dime more on the other huge amount I owe them on my other card if that is my reward for trying to repay? Two cards with no credit? Just money coming in - for them; no money for me, only unreasonable amounts going out. That is not what I signed up for. It wasn't the agreement we had. HOW CAN THEY CHANGE THE LENDING RULES AFTER THE MONEY IS LENT? This isn't the Mofia is it? Is it? [did they take over?] "Yeah, I lent you 10 grand, now I want 10% interest compounded daily, maybe a few times a day; now I want 20%, 29.9%, 34%,... whatever I want! Hey I want $100.00 a month in payment; Oh, you are paying? - now I want $250.00 a month, $300.00, $450.00, 650.00 a month, hey why not? I guess I can, NO ONE IS STOPPING ME!" "Yeah, hey [CitiBank weighing in], now I want the money 5 days earlier, now I want it 4 days earlier than that, hey I want it different times every month - to keep you on your toes! I don't want you getting used to paying, I am gonna zing you every month so you have to read our demanding, life threatening statements every month without fail!! We rule! We rule! WE RULE THE WORLD! And do not forget, WE LOVE OUR LIFELONG SLAVES!"

Discover Card told me today they jerked around my due date because - Congress made them do it. Congress put unfair demands on them so they were forced to pass it on to us.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thursday Nights in Grand Junction, CO.

Grand Junction, CO. does make a splash on Thursday nights for the Downtown Farmers' Market from 6/11 - 9/17. The Farmer's Almanac says for 2009, there will be rain every Thursday! Even in our desert! So far, so good. But the people are catching on, showing up anyway - with umbrellas. Didn't know anyone had any here! [a good thing to sell] Last week was the first week it rained but didn't BLOW! There were three or four of us holding down our canopy two weeks ago. Horrid. But it was good on the 2nd of July even with rain.
Vital Wonders Boutique is represented, with the other great individualistic shops in Historic White Hall Village, at the Farmers' Market in Grand Junction. We share a great booth, trying to spread the word about White Hall Village and all it has to offer. Come see us in front of The Avalon Theater - Main Street, next to Enstrom's Ice Cream booth. Lots of music playing next to us and various performers throughout the evening.
What is Grand Junction's Farmers' Market? Well it is what Grand Junction, Palisade and its outlying region's produce; fruit, veggies, produce of all kinds, plants, dried fruits and foods; the arts and crafts, jewelry, candles, woodworkers, iron works, pottery ...; imports; water systems and spas; religious persuasions and great food offerings this year including the Mennonite's food booth - great as always. Lots of entertainment like belly dancers, musicians, bands, jugglers, face painters and more!
People come from all over the Western Slope for the great produce and crafts and to walk with their kids and to show off their dogs and other pets. It is a great evening in Grand Junction from 4:30 to 8:30 every Thursday. Please come and have some fun and don't forget to visit Historic White Hall Village two blocks north of Main Street at White Ave. and 6th Street. We are serving free lemon-aid from 5:00 - 6:00pm and from 6:00 - 8:00pm is the new home for the Ceremonial Drum Circle, on the steps at 6th and White Ave at White Hall Village.
Whenever in the area please drop by Vital Wonders Boutique and chat with me at #305; that is on the 3rd floor, next to Confluence Books, Moe Ping's Cool Things, Peace in Love with Ariadne's Threads, all above Heart of the Dragon on the 2nd floor and The Wandering Gypsy on floor #1. It is a great way to spend an afternoon and evening!