Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Molten Ice Dichroic & Blast Glass Jewelry
Wishes Everyone Great Holidays!

Remember; in this rotten economy which hasn't lifted for most of us, it is about getting together and not missing all the commercial crap no one can afford anymore. Just enjoy good food and drink and be happy with whatever you have left that the bankers and corporations haven't stolen from you - yet. Time to write your congressmen to address our fears of the adulterated food processing going on, the lousy wages and hours available for working people, the unwatched patenting of all foods and animals on earth, the disappearance of seed, the genetic engineering of our seed and animals, the privatizing of fresh water, the unchecked spread of ecoli outbreaks with full lack of traceability, the ridiculous tax breaks for the wealthiest who just don't want to pay their share!
We must take care of our planet, animals, water and care about all peoples for all our sakes - not just at the Holidays but always. Time to usurp our humanity!
For the Holidays do us all a favor and tell those in power how you feel.

If you are looking for great gifts though please check us out at for the best dichroic and art glass jewelry or for fabulously styled magnetic jewelry with a huge woman's section of every style and color available - still very powerful and effective for your magnetic therapy needs.
Magnetic jewelry make a great Holiday gifts too.
Many of our dichroic pieces have meaningful themes like the Sea, Horses, Cats, Birds, People, Plants & Flowers, Safari Animals, lots of great themes or incredible abstracts.

Peace & love to everyone.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July America!

Celebrating the USA on the 4th of July under the fireworks. Remember America - today celebrates the ability for us to use our individual voice - so use it!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

We Love Spring!!!

Molten Ice & Blast Glass welcome Spring!

Creativity has been flowing with the helpful thoughts of Spring coming. New energy, new ideas, new discoveries. I am adamant on not letting 2010 look anything like 2009. Horrid year in my opinion. Only good thing was we got a new president. I think nearly everyone suffered that year. Let's have hope for 2010 and try to make it good for everyone.

Molten Ice Dichroic and Blast Glass Jewelry is excited with Spring coming too. New beginnings, new prospects, new insights and hopefulness. Still working on the 'cats theme' in my glass making. I have been looking forward to offering the felines to my customers who are cat lovers.

Vital Wonders Magnetic has Many New Designs for their Magnetic Jewelry.
Vital Wonders Magnetic is getting revamped with new products and new looks. I have been making great new memory wire magnetic chokers and VW's newest category of memory wire magnetic bangles on memory wire which is a great way to go. I find the pieces to be very wearable and they look great! The memory wire permanently holds its shape and the high power magnetic beads holds them together needing no clasp.

I have found some evil eye beads and am incorporating them into my lines to offer magnetism with evil eye protection. Anything that helps! Evil eye beads have been used for thousands of years for protection from others envy. Good timing for that.

Happy Spring Everyone! Remember: grow your own vegetables with heritage seed, stop eating junk food, buy organic, don't waste water and support a good cause.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Any Guesses about 2010?

The winter of 2010 is almost over! I can't wait for Spring. I have already been buying seed for our veggie garden. I am very excited to try satisfying our veggie and fruit needs mostly through gardening. Even contemplating getting some goats and sheep for milk for cheese and weed control on the farm!

Still working on R & D. Finally getting out fused glass jewelry with cat motifs. Now that my kittens are getting big I am understanding cats more ... there is no understanding! They are from a different planet! They are so different than dogs. The opposite really. But I love them and am glad to add cats to my icon themes fused in glass.

I have been also adding new designs to my magnetic jewelry line at Vital Wonders. Some great new magnetic chokers and necklaces along with new styles of magnetic bracelets.

Any guesses about 2010? It is up in the air! The holiday season that just passed was a bust for me. But business has picked up a bit since turning 2010. I know I would love to buy something personally. But the credit card companies are in full tilt on cheating more money out of us. They are getting more and more creative! No one will spend money if they feel it is real bad ahead. Whenever things let up a bit, people start spending again.

In 2009 the thing I spent the most money on was fines. The second thing I spent my money on was being ripped off by other people or businesses financial failings. It is like a mad joke. There is no way to recover. You can't win a fixed game. It is almost impossible to get by. You can't help others or even care when you are sinking yourself. Where has humanity gone? Good luck to everyone in 2010.

My thoughts: stop buying Chinese, start a garden, buy organic, drink lots of clean water, eat fruit, stay away from fast food; find the love in cooking that has kept people involved and challenged since we discovered fire. You are what you eat. You also are mostly what you drink. Buy green. Buy American.