Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wine Grape Harvest | Woody Creek Cellars | Stylehive | Page ONE in Google

Harvest is almost here for my vineyard, DiJulio Vineyard in Palisade, CO. I am glad Woody Creek Cellars is buying my grapes this year as I feel Kevin Doyle is making some of the finest wines in Colorado, if not the country. His winery is in picturesque Cedaredge, CO. in an old packing huge shed; big enough for all the wine barrels, equipment, stock, tasting room and best of all, a great bocce ball court - inside! I had Kevin's cabernet sauvignon and merlot last Christmas and the wine was fabulous; clearly fruity, rich yet refreshing with a good dry self-pleasing end adding to the innate ability to let you easily finish the whole bottle. My wine-loving daughter and I were very impressed with how Kevin's wine-making abilities keep developing and producing great results. Call (970) 835-3714.

I joined Stylehive! Stylehive is a sweetly self-loving site for connecting fashion aficionados. Anyone can join and start a 'hive' and start collecting looks, designers, companies and other hivers. It is a great way to keep current with the fashion trends and the absolute beauty of haute couture clothes, photography, modeling, shoes, accessories, clothes, night wear and underwear, purses, and shoes again,and more purses and more shoes... and tons of fun stuff about discovering interesting vibrant people and businesses. My hope is to collect classic, retro, and fashion-forward looks to cross reference to my jewelry lines and how my individual pieces fit in. As I learn what's hot I will be continually redesigning and developing my jewelry designs. I am thrilled about all the excitement at Stylehive and invite all fashion lovers to join into the fray.

Winter is coming and I am looking forward to spending the R & D time developing new out-of-the-box ideas in designing and learning more and more html so I can keep jazzing up my sites www.vitalwonders.com for therapeutic magnetic jewelry and www.iluvjewelry.com for my dichroic and sterling silver jewelry lines.

I am running a contest with my myself to get it right in the SEO department for my sites. I am shooting for page one in Google by the end of the year, on the organic left side of listings - for both sites; but will celebrate either one's success - big time. I believe it will be Beef Wellington for two, for myself if I am alone, when that day comes.

I am starting a review section in my blog reviewing Grand Junction area businesses.
Keep tuned. It won't be pretty.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

R & D

It is R & D time. I now have the time to develop my new ideas and try some experimenting - with web building as much as jewelry designing.

I am constantly tweaking my two websites www.vitalwonders.com and www.iluvjewelry.com trying to make them more concise, visually attractive, more interesting and mostly likable to the search engine robots.

I have been firing up the kiln making new dichroic pieces, working on long oval pendants with added dichroic accents mimicking gems adding patterns, intensity and depth. Whether they are teardrop shaped, a long oval, figure eights, elongated rectangle or freeform shape; I love the look of vertical lines projecting upward and downward - from Mother Earth to the Heavens. Representing, to me, the aspiration of our dreams grounded in the flesh of the Earth. Each pendant has its hills and dales, hidden gems, surprising colors and complexity of patterns. I also like how they rest on the breastbone over the heart area.

I am also making small dichroic pieces for smaller earrings, posts and hanging; and for multiple dichroic drops on a choker for a charmed look. I have some fabulous ideas I am working on for some embellished cloth and woven necklaces. I am looking forward to the Fall for gathering ideas and snookering them away to work on during the long winter.