Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sponge in a soap bar anyone?

Christmas; to be or not to be. That is the question. It is anyone's guess. I think most everyone has cut back on their shopping for over a year now and maybe we are all used to spending less now. And appreciating what we have more now. Will the dam break this Holiday? Will people be sick of holding back, tired of making excuses to everyone for being tight, making this Holiday an exception or are people doing better financially than before? In one month we will see. I got a small flurry of orders lately only to find out my merchants services had shut down my payment gateway with no word to me. Protecting me from Nigerian card runners. For over a month. I fired Power Pay for their lack of any reasoning and business ethics what-so-ever. You would think that Authorize.Net would care about the companies representing them. Authorize.Net shut my gateway down for 20 minutes. They didn't forget to turn me back on! They sent me e-mails. Power Pay and Christopher Swift -by NO MEANS swift - the disappearing agent, are even crappy at being crooks. Enough said. I am now without merchant services the month before the Holidays. They are all crooks in the credit card processing merchant services and agents field. This was my 4th company? One crook after another. First American Hurst took total advantage of me for years from day one gauging the price of my out-dated machinery, billed every other month SOMETIMES; keeping it very hard to keep track of, never had me down as the right kind of merchant business and kept billing me after I TRIED to fire him over and over again. He took money for 6 months after I tried to cut business with him. If he had no answer for his mistakes he just hung up. Then the con artist Jennifer Mendoza representing Trans First in Denver. She was such a rip off they let me go with out too much hassle. She reprogrammed my credit card machine and it never worked correctly after that. They billed me at higher rates because of the machine foul up. She never hooked me up with the correct gateway for the machines and never produced promised online gateway and put my expensive machine down for good. She pulled a big amount of money out of my business account months later but the banker at WaMu had to put it back because he set me up with her and she just plum disappeared. But today I do not want to dwell on the unregulated merchant service resellers. May the government crack down on that industry soon.

I am very excited to be planning some great new fashion ideas. They are so hot I can't talk about them until they are actually released. But I am predicting garnishing will be in. Why buy a new outfit when you can add decorative accoutrements making any old outfit hip and new. Much more coming soon!

Have a wonderful shopping season but remember, it is the thought and gesture that counts - more than ever. Spend wisely.

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