Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vital Wonders Online Boutique Up for the Holidays Offering

Molten Ice Dichroic & Blast Glass Jewelry

Gift Ideas Offered through new Vital Wonders Online Boutique.

Have People that are hard to buy gifts for? Someone who has most everything?
Someone you already bought everything you can think of for?
Someone who is stressful to buy for?
Check out new Vital Wonders Online Boutique.

Vital Wonders has branched out for the Holiday season with great gift offerings including fabulous Dichroic Glass Gifts from At under the category GIFTS there is a great new shopping area. Vital Wonders is offering a fabulous line of luxury bathing products, hip sexy over-the-knee socks, dichroic glass belt buckles, dichroic bottle stoppers, flamework beaded key chains and zipper pulls and imaginative dichroic fused glass jewelry - perfect for gifts.


Florida's deluxe sea sponges; 90% of the world's sea sponges come from off the Florida keys in the Gulf of Mexico. The sheep's wool and yellow sea sponges harvested here are the most sought after sponges in the world. We have the premium Rock Island sheep's wool sponges, the best sheep's wool sponges anywhere, soft, silky durable-can last over 10 years; high quality yellow sea sponges, for a more vigorous exfoliation, can last over 5 years; small soft silk sponges for cosmetic uses; and cut-ups of sheep's wool and yellow sponges for personal use and great for hobbies and painting projects.
Soapylicious - Vital Wonders own line of natural soaps, the highest quality ingredients with incredibly seductive scents; Alchemy Soap line from Simply Soap, soap bars using ancient formulas for soaps with incredible qualities; and the must-have unique Sponge-in-a- Soap, natural goat's milk soap bar with a sea sponge inside in fabulously refreshing scents. Total Luxury. Also highlighting Men's high quality German Boar Bristle Shaving Brushes, Nail brushes, facial brushes, wooden soap dishes and loofahs.

Rockn'Socks, a hip green company using regenerated cloth, has a great line of crew, knee and the over-the-knee socks in stripes and patterns. We are offering these great socks at Vital Wonders Online Boutique.

Dichroic glass gifts are also for sale from Molten Ice Dichroic and Blast Glass Jewelry; featuring dichroic glass wine bottle stoppers, keychains, zipper pulls, belt buckles and jewelry. Great gift for someone who has everything.

Vital Wonders Online Boutique is also offering handmade HIP purses, sweet purse bags which hang on the hips leaving your hands free.

Italian Sterling Silver chains, wire chokers, leather cords, silk ties, ribbons and more are here for your selection for whatever needs you have.

Lastly Vital Wonders has a Online Bazaar featuring great buys on imported beaded bracelets, necklaces, medicine bags and more for sale at low low prices - great for stocking gifts. Many gifts under $10.00.

Please come check out Vital Wonders NEW Online Boutique for all your shopping and Holiday needs.

New information site for Western Colorado Patients: MMJ card holders - check out new MMJ info site for all questions - - discover and join the MMJ Community Forum.

Please have safe and wonderful Holidays.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jewelry Design Dos and SEO Don'ts

The crop is off and time to close everything down for the winter; the long last watering to fill the soil profile, draining all tanks and irrigation lines, getting all the netting off and stored away. Then it is time for the farm to rest.

What a great time for thinking of new ideas, rethinking old ideas and developing breakthrough methods. I plan on studying the fashion crazes and vow to keep up! I plan on getting my sterling/fine silver pieces online and showing off my great hoop earrings and chandelier earrings. I have some great surprises coming in rings and barrettes and things. I am working on jeweled bibs that will be both stunning showstoppers, one-of-a-kind must haves.

My web sites are moving up in the search engines and I am hoping for a good holiday season. The SEO work has been challenging especially walking the tightrope of optimizing without ever crossing the line of no return. It is frightening!

Vital Wonders Magnetic Jewelry has a great new navigational design that is consumer friendly. I added a new top section grid of pictured categories on my Storefront/Home page and a new page Product List of pictured listed products. My dichroic glass jewelry site has many new pieces I have been making during August and September 2009. I have been experimenting with melting in the wire bails in the dichroic glass pieces and will be trying fine silver wire and sterling silver bezels. I have a Cats & Kittens Line coming in 22K gold decals melted into my glass pieces which will be celebrating the summer '09 of finding our 4 feral kittens my son and I raised.

The summer of 2009 was different; I started my boutique and enjoyed developing it until the leading organization folded and took our whole mall down; finding and raising the very young kittens; starting up chickens again and even trying cornish hens; learning html and building my sites; harvesting late season wine grapes and eating my son John's homemade pizzas.

What a great summer in all!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Harvest is done! Best Cabernet Sauvignon ever.

Well, harvest went with the usual quirks, glitches and I can't believe its! This was the longest I ever let the grapes hang, but the buyer wanted them sweet [to sweeten up his other sour grapes everyone else reaps] and they went through a frost and -wow- what a treat. I think there are gold metal prizes in the future for Woody Creek Cellars; remember - 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon. It should be special.
The cabs were gorgeous. Slightly wained bringing out the sweetness and complexities. After cold nights and hot days; after an early frost. They were very special this year. I had almost no Merlot this year and very little Cabernet Franc. There was no Chardonnay, Gamay and the Zin went too far and were pretty shot. Letting the grapes hang past 24 brix is harder than it sounds. It is up to the buyer what their needs are, but hanging past their apex is great for sugar but plays havoc with the ph and acid levels. But DiJulio vineyard never has had sugar problems, so I can see the need to sweeten the sour grapes coming in behind us. No offense other local growers, but I am seeing many incredible breaches of growing; watering late, spraying late, struggling with low sugars, pushing young vines with nitrogen, pushing for early crops instead of root growth. My vines have the maturity of over 35 years and I have been tending them for over 25 years now. I think experience speaks and so do the varieties I luckily have.
Well we will see what Woody Creek Cellars develops from my grapes; it is too bad they can no longer make wine from just my grapes, but I can understand upping the quality of the local harvests and the need to blend mine in with the others. My harvests have been too small lately, dealing with frost damage and die backs. Next year should be great if nature allows. My Merlot will be in and I will be dong a new pruning technique since my beautiful vines died to the ground a few years ago from a hard frost. But new growth is always positive and it gives a chance to reflect and try new ideas. Here's to resting this Winter and starting fresh in the Spring with new ideas to sow. Happy hibernation everyone.