Friday, January 30, 2009

Grand Opening! New Store to Open!

Wonderful news from Vital Wonders, Molten Ice and Blast Glass Jewelry!


Monday February 1st, 2009 -
The official opening date for Fire & Ice Boutique
in Grand Junction, Colorado at White Hall.

Kim DiJulio has opened a store in the historic White Hall Building, an old converted church with loads of character with various spaces for eclectic stores, an alternative book store and library, non-profit foundations offering many types of classes and community help, sound-proofed rehearsal rooms; a lovely performance stage, with a restaurant coming soon. It's a small alternative concept mall to roam around, socialize and network.

The Grand Opening of my new store Fire and Ice Boutique will be on February 1st with a Grand Opening Party soon afterwards. Fire & Ice Boutique will be selling Kim's designer jewelry, Vital Wonders Magnetic Jewelry, Kim's Molten Ice Dichroic and Blast Glass Jewelry and Silver Shrine Gold Mine sterling jewelry; along with consignment pieces from other artists, deluxe sea sponges, hand-made soaps and many other fine green-orientated merchandise.

With the horrid economy upon us, it seems nuts to start up a store. But this is a Community Hall with civic minded politically active people with lots of community events and business and social networking constantly going on.

We are glad to join this active community at White Hall and invite everyone to come!
I'll keep everyone posted as to what is happening at Fire & Ice Boutique and White Hall!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Iggy and the Stooges - 1970's observations


Doing research, I came across and found some great retro pictures by Michael Ochs of Iggy and the Stooges, revelent because of the passing of Ron Asheton, band member.

I knew Iggy was genius in '73/'74 Ann Arbor. Seger didn't get it. Non of the Ann Arbor hierarchy did. It was a great moment - the Primo Showbar All Star Show with all the A2/Detroit music kings. I'll never forget seeing Iggy for the first time; I looked over at him, not knowing anything about them, and thought 'who the hell does he think he is?' Then I concentrated my gaze and checked out the silver cowboy boots, beat jeans, the face, the hair... It wasn't easy standing out in Ann Arbor in the early 1970's, believe me - everyone was trying - hard. After studying him further I realized - "what ever he is trying to be - he IS IT!" He was unique. He wailed at one show and all the biggies also preforming shrunk away. Shaking their heads. I was totally intrigued. He was a stage presence and the level of excitement and life force was total and electrifying. Seger was a cutie, pretty boy face with that deep rusty voice and the fame - he just didn't have the amazement of Iggy. No one did. Retro pictures from back then jogs my memories better [when it comes to Iggy whose looks have changed somewhat]. :) What a crush I had on Iggy's drummer! He had a big platinum streak in his pompadour. Hot.

I have pleasant thoughts of Ron though I don't remember much due to my [past] '70's lifestyle. My blessings to your family. Rest in Peace Ron. Thanks for adding to rock and roll history.

Kim - the errant Primo girl.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Vital Wonders Presents Blast Glass Jewelry

Blast Glass is Exploding into 'Crazy-Eyes',

'Delicate Danglers', 'Gold on Black'

and 'Blast Glass Red/White/Blue.'

Blast Glass is exploding! Subdivisions are quickly developing. Vital Wonders presents Blast Glass Jewelry a sister company to Molten Ice Dichroic Jewelry. Blast Glass Jewelry is offering fantastic fused glass earrings and fused glass necklaces full of color, individuality and attention.

Another striking Blast Glass addition is 'Crazy-Eyes', wildly energetic earrings. 'Delicate Danglers' offers romantic sweet delicately dangling earrings. All are formed from the highest quality glass fused in a kiln, after careful planning, many with the wire bails melted right into the bead. I hand form most of the ear wires to incorporate little embellishes like accent beads within wire designs. If I luck into some special sterling silver Bali, Indian, Thai, among others, ear wires or components I may add their handicraft to my piece.

Two other divisions are 'Gold on Black', a stunning look of black glass with 22K gold decals like sea horses, grape vines, flowers, animals and more;

and 'Blast Glass Red /White /Blue' offering jewelry and gifts in red, white and blue fused glass, celebrating America's future.

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