Monday, March 1, 2010

Any Guesses about 2010?

The winter of 2010 is almost over! I can't wait for Spring. I have already been buying seed for our veggie garden. I am very excited to try satisfying our veggie and fruit needs mostly through gardening. Even contemplating getting some goats and sheep for milk for cheese and weed control on the farm!

Still working on R & D. Finally getting out fused glass jewelry with cat motifs. Now that my kittens are getting big I am understanding cats more ... there is no understanding! They are from a different planet! They are so different than dogs. The opposite really. But I love them and am glad to add cats to my icon themes fused in glass.

I have been also adding new designs to my magnetic jewelry line at Vital Wonders. Some great new magnetic chokers and necklaces along with new styles of magnetic bracelets.

Any guesses about 2010? It is up in the air! The holiday season that just passed was a bust for me. But business has picked up a bit since turning 2010. I know I would love to buy something personally. But the credit card companies are in full tilt on cheating more money out of us. They are getting more and more creative! No one will spend money if they feel it is real bad ahead. Whenever things let up a bit, people start spending again.

In 2009 the thing I spent the most money on was fines. The second thing I spent my money on was being ripped off by other people or businesses financial failings. It is like a mad joke. There is no way to recover. You can't win a fixed game. It is almost impossible to get by. You can't help others or even care when you are sinking yourself. Where has humanity gone? Good luck to everyone in 2010.

My thoughts: stop buying Chinese, start a garden, buy organic, drink lots of clean water, eat fruit, stay away from fast food; find the love in cooking that has kept people involved and challenged since we discovered fire. You are what you eat. You also are mostly what you drink. Buy green. Buy American.

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