Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family, love, home grown food, hopes, wishes and some decent perspective.

Hello everyone! My new web site - is open and ready for viewing. I am so joyful to be spending August at home reorganizing life.

I can't wait to see what doors I can open.

I am making jewelry even as I speak. Trying to come up with less expensive pieces, being what sells in bad economies, but I find it very hard to either simplify or mass produce. I am also taking the time to develop new ideas in fusing and in implanting bail wires inside the glass in new and creative ways.

Keep checking in on my new site, open and nearly finished, as finished as possible when it is an ever morphing medium - I have been racking my brains learning new web ideas to implement into my site. WWW.ILUVJEWELRY.COM will be developing non-stop. After all, don't great innovative ideas come out of the worst economic strife. I just must learn to relax and let it flow. That's way better than being frozen in dead panic. What comes out of that?

Livin' on faith and guts can hold incredible beauty. With this perspective, I am embarrassed by my own ennui when times were good. Money and good fortune are full of empty pride, like sugar having empty calories; can it be bad to feed your broke-ass soul with family, love, home grown food, hopes & wishes and some decent perspective?

How I hope I remember these sweet lessons when times get better.

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Blasé said...

"empty pride"...such a big-headed thing!